He Knows – Nick and Carissa’s Adoption Story

If you ask anyone for one word to describe the adoption journey, many would answer, “Rollercoaster” because of the extreme ups and downs, highs and lows of the adoption process. For Nick and Carissa, it was also because it was fast and furious.

Nick and Carissa first met with us this past April. They came to us with a story of both pain and hope as they shared photo albums of their precious daughters who each lived only a few days. After learning that their daughters’ condition was genetic and there was a 25% chance that any future biological children would have the same fatal condition, they decided to pursue adoption.

They were already homestudy ready and had tried to find a child through websites and word of mouth but were finding it confusing, slow, and frustrating. After being scammed by one woman claiming to be a birthmother in search of a family, they were understandably concerned that it could happen again. They were eager to work with us and to allow us to guide them through the adoption journey.

I started working on their profile on Mother’s Day which I thought was both appropriate and symbolic. It was a joy to put their story into a profile, made easy by two very photogenic people. Their profile was complete a little over a week later and in the mail to them, ready to be sent to agencies.

On May 29th, they were matched with a baby due to be born by c-section at the end of June. A roller coaster, indeed!

They were able to meet face-to-face with their beautiful birth mother the night before the scheduled c-section and Carissa was thrilled to be in the room when their baby boy entered this world.


And on July 6, Carissa wrote these words on their Facebook page: “As I often reflect on the past couple of years, I always get stuck on the day Sage’s Doctor told us we could never bring our baby girl home with us. I have placed so much importance on that one thing … Bringing a baby, our baby, home. To me it symbolized a future for my children, a new adventure for our family, and life itself. Now that 3 years and two more losses have gone by, I have grown through heartache and pursuing who God is and I feel just as much importance in bringing [our son] home. This time though, I feel seasoned, weathered, older, and I feel a gratefulness and deep wonder of life that no words can do justice. We aren’t in control, we don’t know the future. We can just smile and try our best to live this beautiful life that God has given us. We are so excited to follow God with every resource he’s given us and beyond humbled to have [our son] join our family. It’s with these thoughts and emotions that I’ll go to sleep in my own bed tonight. It’s with a new understanding of our journey that I will thank God for our son and ability to come home. And tomorrow we will wake up and journey on.”


For those who are still waiting, these are the words Carissa wrote just days after being matched and three weeks before the birth of their beautiful baby boy, “As Cindy and John have reminded us time and time again, He Knows. As I have to continually remind myself and my husband of this, I would love to encourage everyone whose prayers are heard, hopes are high, hopes are low, Who. Just. Can’t. Take. The lack of control … Be faithful as He is faithful, as He is teaching and transforming you … He knows.”



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