He Is In The Details – Kyle and Becky’s Adoption Story


We first met with Kyle and Becky in March of 2015. Like many of the families who contact us, their journey to adoption includes infertility, heartache, and questions about the adoption process. We sat with them a few times, together and separately, and in May of last year they decided to take the next steps – signing on with Victorious Hope Adoption Consulting and starting their home study process.

By mid-October 2015 they were home study ready and connecting with agencies and adoption attorneys. In less than a week their profile was being shown to a young couple who chose Kyle and Becky just a few days later. Their baby was due May of 2016.

Those are the facts of their journey but the story God is writing for them is so much more than the facts. As Becky says, “If there is one thing we have come to appreciate from this, it is that God is in the details. He deserves all the glory for this- and I want others to be encouraged/reminded how the Lord does see the aches and hurts of our hearts and of the birth families. Beauty from ashes- so awesome how God writes a story so much better than we can!”

Just a month after being matched, Becky found out that she was pregnant! There were some anxious moments and questions about continuing with the adoption. In their minds, both children were theirs but they didn’t know how their expectant parents would respond. They were thrilled to find that once again God was in the details and their expectant mother was thrilled that her child, which they now knew was a boy, would have a sibling close in age.


Kyle and Becky planned a vacation over Presidents’ Day weekend to meet their expectant mother in person. While very apprehensive about this meeting and the awkwardness they first felt, Kyle and Becky came away with a peace from God and supernatural love for this precious teenager, her boyfriend, and some of their extended family as well. Kyle and Becky found their hearts broken for this resilient young couple who come from such heartache. They realized, as many of us do, that this is so much bigger than adopting a baby, but in a sense, adopting the birth family as well. They were thankful that they agreed to be uncomfortable so that their expectant parents could be more comfortable in their situation. They were better able to pray for these teen-agers they had really come to love. Soon after this visit, they were pleased to announce that they were expecting a son as well – two little boys for their team!


As a friend of ours says, “You can’t make this stuff up!” It’s a story that only God could write; details that only He could orchestrate. Trusting Him for those details hasn’t always been easy and Kyle and Becky have relied on the prayers of many as they’ve walked this adoption journey.

And on May 21st, the first of their two baby boys was born! God was evident in each and every detail from the beginning to today. And their story is far from over!

To God be the glory!





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