Together for a Reason – Brett and Lyndsey’s Adoption Story

Six years ago, God brought Brett and Lyndsey together for a reason, in a way that only He could orchestrate.


And last month, God added a son to their family. Clearly, God brought them together for a reason.


Lyndsey was diagnosed with Leukemia six years ago and underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. She and Brett first met during this time but her diagnosis did not deter him from pursuing a relationship. They both knew that the treatments would effect their ability to have a child but knew without a doubt that God brought them together for a reason.

They tried the difficult path of fertility treatments but after several failed attempts, they asked God to show them His plan for their family. In March of 2017, Lyndsey met a friend of a friend of a VHAC family and they talked about this family’s adoption journey. Lyndsey felt God’s presence throughout the conversation and thought that this might be where God was leading them.

A month later we found ourselves sitting across from Brett and Lyndsey, hearing their journey to this point and their interest in adoption. It didn’t take them long to join our VHAC family and to begin their home study and profile preparation. They were amazed at how things quickly began to fall into place. Just one month after their home study was complete, they were matched with an expectant mom who was due two weeks later. She went into labor a week early, however, so with expectation they boarded a plane.

Once they arrived, they found that their son was going through withdrawal due to pain medications his birth mother had taken. It was extremely difficult to see him in pain and to be limited in the amount of time they could hold him. But they also saw God’s hand in his quick recovery and his continued health.

Interacting with a birth family can be challenging but Brett and Lyndsey found ways to spend time with their son’s birth family while they waited for his discharge from the hospital. They saw how difficult it was for this family to give them such a precious gift. They tried to show as much love and compassion as they could even when it was difficult or uncomfortable for Brett and Lyndsey. An evening out together for dinner was meaningful for all of them.



They now find themselves talking to people about their family and the question inevitably comes, “How long was the adoption process?” People are always amazed when they say it took them only a month after their home study was complete!


God has definitely united this family for a reason. May He receive all the praise and glory!






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