“VHAC – Where to start? We had just come out of a time in our lives where we were emotionally, mentally and spiritually tired as we started our adoption journey. What we needed was support in moving forward and we feel we received that and more. With VHAC we felt cared for, spiritually encouraged, and able to call whenever we had questions or wanted to celebrate a milestone in the process. The burden of putting together a profile book after so many painful memories in the past few years was lifted as Cindy worked hard to make our book, a book we felt portrayed perfectly who we are and everything we wanted our birth parent(s) to know about us. Narrowing down agency options helped us to not feel so overwhelmed and overtaken by worry and the list of grant application sites was very helpful as well. We loved working with John and Cindy, would love to again, and are so grateful for their support and love throughout our first adoption.”

“Cindy King has been an invaluable resource to us on our adoption journey. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering adoption. As an adoptive parent herself, Cindy is able to speak into the details of an adoption experience, offering wisdom from her own journey and encouragement for those starting out.   What impacted us immediately upon working with Cindy was her caring heart.  Each adoption journey is unique and Cindy truly sought to assist us in ways that were needed based on our situation. For us, this included such things as helping to connect us with an adoption attorney, providing adoption education, preparing us for meetings with the birth mother, and giving us ongoing support upon bringing our daughter home. We were continually grateful for her knowledge and connection within the adoption community as well. Cindy’s faith-filled perspective, prayers, and support for us are things we will never forget. She helped us work through the myriad of emotions and milestones with such grace and care. For anyone considering adoption or looking for a consultant, know that you will be in good hands with Cindy King!”

“It was so great to have John and Cindy as a resource.  Our profile book was great, but more than that they were just a great encouragement and sounding board for us.  Their experience in the adoption world has given them so much knowledge.  We also spent time praying with them and everything they do is rooted in Christ’s love so it helped us to stay focused on Christ and allowing him to work on our behalf.  This has been such an amazing journey for us, we know there are many that are full of pain and we’ve experienced that along the way, but the rewards are worth it!”

“John and Cindy King are a blessing to everyone involved in the adoption process. We were new to adoption, had limited information, and were full of emotions. John and Cindy gave us reassurance, ample information, and emotional support and space to make our decisions, while guiding us the whole time. If anyone is considering adoption please talk to John & Cindy King first, it will save you a lot of headaches and heartaches. We are so glad we were given the recommendation to talk to them. We will continue to tell our adoption story and credit John and Cindy for helping to make it a success. We now have a beautiful baby boy.”

“It was truly a blessing to work with John and Cindy of VHAC. They are warm, kind, and compassionate, but are also very real when that’s exactly what you need. They are a wealth of knowledge, and have walked this road, which makes them so much more personable and relatable than to try to go through this alone. They have done the research and legwork to help you navigate through some of the murky waters of what is adoption, and the process that you will face along the way. It has been a privilege to work with them, and we would highly recommend them as adoption consultants.”

“We are so thankful for Victorious Hope for helping us along this journey. You have been there with us every step of the way to answer questions and even search for documents we needed for ICPC. You were always eager to help and were always quick to respond to any questions we may have had. We cannot thank you enough for helping to bring our little boy home and for making our adoption journey complete.”

“We would like to thank John and Cindy for their help throughout this process. They were a solid sounding board during this journey. As fickle as we are, we were encouraged and thankful to have two grounded people, who are well-versed in the ups and downs of the adoption process, to guide and direct us. We could certainly feel their prayers. We especially appreciated their quick and thoughtful responses to our various questions and concerns along the way. We knew that they had the best interest of our family and our daughter’s birth family at heart in the way they remained centered in the Lord’s will. Thank you, John and Cindy!”

“We are so grateful to John and Cindy for their guidance, wisdom, and prayers as we navigated the adoption process! They helped us to be as prepared as possible, always answered our questions promptly, and were a great support!”

“Working with adoption consultants was incredibly helpful for us, as neither of us were familiar with anything about the adoption process. They walked us through the whole process and introduced us to a whole new world in which we were never aware. There was so much to learn about adoption and so much that goes into it: clearances, paperwork, time, resources, and learning ‘adoption language’.”



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