As we have interacted with foster and adoptive parents through the years, there is one theme that comes through loud and clear – Help! Because of our own experiences, we know that even though there are what we call “Disney World adoptions”, many of us struggle in our journey of parenting children who have faced the trauma of separation, rejection, neglect, abuse, and/or trauma of unknown origin.

In the past, we have asked many families what would be most helpful and the overwhelming response has been the need for support, relevant trainings, and a place to find encouragement and families with similar experiences. Families who sign on with Victorious Hope Adoption Consulting receive not just pre-adoption consulting, but post-adoption consulting as well. Cindy King, co-director of VHAC, has over 25 years experience parenting biological, foster, and adopted children, has received trauma certification through The Post Institute, and has worked with parents, volunteers, and educators, as a consultant in trauma-informed parenting and educating.

If you are not a VHAC family, we have educational opportunities for you as well. Please check back here often to see where classes or support groups might be meeting. Cindy is also available to consult with you on an individual basis. Please contact her at for more information.

Courses Offered: Connecting with Grace (for churches and faith-based agencies) and Building on Connection (for public and secular groups and agencies)

What: Connecting with Grace and Building on Connection are typically taught as a 12 week study/support group/training and are offered at various locations in Central PA. They are taught by Cindy King who is available to bring this training to your location. Our fall schedule will be up soon.

Description: There are times in parenting that we find ourselves in need of parenting a different way. It may be because we’re parenting a foster or adopted child, or a biological child who experienced known or unknown trauma, or maybe we just have a child who is displaying difficult behaviors. We will look at parenting and educating with connection, or how to “connect, then correct”. While connecting with our children is key, we also stress the importance of self-care as well as identifying and healing our own triggers when parenting challenging children. Connecting with Grace adds a third component –  our need to be continually connected to God for wisdom, strength, patience, and love for our children. Part training, part support group, focus will be on “children from hard places”, or those who are fostered or adopted, but any parent, caregiver, or educator will benefit from the connecting principles we discuss.

Where is it offered?

Connecting with Grace will be held at Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church this fall. To register, please go to their website at

Check back often to see when more locations are booked.

For more information on Connecting with Grace or Building on Connection, contact Cindy King at

Connecting with Grace: Pressing On

What: This support group serves as a follow-up to Connecting with Grace which is also a requirement to participating in Pressing On. This group meets monthly. To sign up, please go to

Description: Pressing On gives families a safe place to review Connecting with Grace, to brainstorm better methods of connecting with our children, to be reminded to take care of ourselves, and to connect with God in the highs and lows of parenting challenging children.